10 Fun Hobbies I’ve Tried

A lot of people have asked me “How do you find your passion?” And the truth is trial and error. I’ve tried a lot of random activities in my life and thought it would be fun to share my experiences with them.

1. Drawing- I’ve tried to draw people, flowers, etc. however, drawing is not my forte. Even my stick figures are terrible! Even though I’m not good at drawing, I still love to doodle in my notebooks! Drawing is somehow relaxing.

2. Tennis- I’ve played tennis my whole life! In fact at one point in my life tennis was more than a hobby. I played competitive tennis for hours a day.

3. Soccer- I tried soccer for a minute, it didn’t work for me because of the kicking. But it can be fun! I know so people who are really hyper and love soccer!

4. Reading- Reading outside of school can be really difficult because who has the time? However, I try to read at night on a regular-ish basis. I would say the key to reading is finding something to read that you're genuinely interested in and will help you in your everyday life! I personally love to read books about songwriting and autobiographies. (and self-help book, haha!)

5. Running- I know this sounds crazy but for a while I would run on a track regularly. I don’t like running that much(who does?) but it can be fun if you time yourself and try to beat your times.

6. Creative Writing- This is one of my favorites! You can write anything fiction, non-fiction, songs, poems, novels, short stories or articles. It’s a great stress release!

7. Dance- Dance is seriously the best! It doesn’t matter if you’re a trained dancer or uncoordinated and awkward! It’s just fun!! It is the best therapy in the world!

8. Organizing- I know this one sound so nerdy but it’s easier to live in an organized environment. You can laugh at me if you want but when your room looks spotless and you know where everything is, you’ll be thanking me. Haha

9. Graphic Designing- We’re living in 2019 and it’s very helpful to know how to use technology. I’m still pretty terrible at using computers but at least I’m getting better(or trying).

10. Singing- Cause who doesn’t love singing?!

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you enjoyed it! Let me know which hobby was your favorite and hobbies you’ve tried!

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