10 Things You Don't Know About "We Should Break-Up"

  1. I created a Winter theme for the song! The reason is because it had a cold, chill vibe and I saw the color blue! I also think there's something special about doing a Winter theme during Summer. You always want what you can't have.

  2. I wrote the song right after I had a two hour conversation with someone. The conversation made me realize that the relationship was toxic and I didn't want it in my life.

  3. The song was referenced from a song that I wrote in 2015!!!!

  4. I started the first draft of the song in Math class.

  5. It was the first original song that I ever recorded!

  6. I want the song to be "Chill Dance" because I wanted it to be emotional but unbothered.

  7. My goal was for the song to be sad but still empowering and inspiring.

  8. The song is part 2 of On & Off because it the decision for the relationship I'm talking about in On & Off.

  9. I wanted We Should Break-Up to sound like a mic drop in the song.

  10. The next song I'm putting out is a continuation of the story of"We Should Break-Up" and it's simple.

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