10 Ways to Style Glitter Socks

I’ve recently put out glitter socks and I want to show you 10 ways I use and style my socks!

1. Athletic Wear- Even though these socks are glitter you can still wear them to workout or play a sport.

2. Skirt- You can for sure wear glitter socks with a skirt or dress to give a little sparkle to your outfit.

3. Dance - I love to dance and do turns in my glitter socks! I always warm-up in my socks for dance class.

4. Sleep- A lot of people love to sleep in socks and glitter socks work perfectly.

5. Jeans - Glitter socks look perfect with a classic white t-shirt and jeans.

6. High Heels- This one surprised me but I loved how my socks looked with a pair of black heels! Socks make every outfit fun!

7. Converse - This is a classic look and one of my favs! These socks look great with classic or high-top converse!

8. Knee Boot - Unfortunately, this style doesn’t show off the socks but everyone needs socks under boots!

9. Ankle Boots - Ankle boots are one of my favorite ways to style the glitter socks because you see the top of the glitter sock and it looks so cute!

10. Sweats - We all have days where we want to lay low in sweats but wearing glitter socks will make your sweats look fashionable!

That’s my list!!

Check out the shop section of my website for more info on "The Caroline Collection!"

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