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18 Days of FRESHMAN is OVER…Now What?!?!

The first 18 days of 2022 were all about the 18 tracks of FRESHMAN! I would like to thank you of the success of this FRESHMAN endeavor because it’s a passion project. I wrote FRESHMAN all about my FRESHMAN year and the journey I took, this name was fitting because it’s my debut AKA Freshman album! My artist call their 2nd albums their sophomore albums so I thought, “Why can’t I call my 1st album my Freshman album?” So I did!

This album has gotten my spotify to an all-time high of 207K monthly listeners! My film also has over 27K views! Thank you! Although I believe it’s important for you mental health to not give statistics too much weight, it feels really good to have people watch and listen to something I put all of time, effort and honestly my whole heart into. So again, thank you so very much!!

In our society, we tend to have short attentions so you may be wondering “What’s next?” Honestly, I do hope you’re still streaming Freshman so we can meet the 7 figures that we are oh so close too…here is what’s on the horizon!

  1. This Thursday night, my annual Valentine’s Day song “Valentine” will be out on spotify!! Along with some very fun Valentine’s Day visuals on Youtube.

  2. Stay tuned for a book club that I will be starting very soon (with other book related news).

  3. Also, keep your eyes out on new music as working on my 2nd album (btw the title of the album is in this blog post).

  4. I’ll be posting blogs like these about announcement and all sorts of other things every Sunday!

  5. My Christian Music Radio Show/Ministry is COMING BACK!!! Starting this Saturday!

  6. I have some new exciting and informative guest coming on my podcast “Catch-Up with CAROLINE” which is on Spotify every Friday!

Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful week!

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