20 Ways to Put Glitter on Everything Without Making a Mess

Some people hate glitter, some people love glitter. I love glitter! The reason a lot of people don’t like glitter is because it makes such a mess. I like to use glitter as much as I possibly can but I don’t want specks of glitter all over me. Today, I want to show you how to incorporate glitter in your life the right way.

1. Clothing- I love glittery clothing because it doesn’t get EVERYWHERE like glitter normally does!! And it adds a little sparkle to your life.

2. Phone Cases- My phone case is glittery and I love it. It doesn’t make a mess at all.

3. Nails- I don’t know about you but for me glitter nails are goals! They look amazing and there are so many different types of glitter nails you can choose from.

4. Binders- We all need school supplies, why not make it pretty?

5. Picture Frames- These are gorgeous but just warning you, it may distract from the photo you are framing!

6. Eyeshadow- Glitter eyeshadow is my favorite type of make-up! It makes your eyes pop and gives you an extra sparkle!

7. Shoes- If you see me in public there’s a 99% chance I’ll be wearing glitter shoes.

8. Pillows- Glitter pillows exist and they are awesome! They are actually comfortable too!

9. Pens- We all need to write, why not write with glitter!

10. Hair Extensions- If you are in to wigs, hair extensions and coloring your hair then glitter hair extensions are for you!

11. Body Glitter- I have this and it’s doesn’t get everywhere. You can use it so many fun ways.

12. Bags- You can find a lot of glitter bags where the glitter doesn’t go all over the place. It can make any outfit pop.

13. Mugs- These are the best! The mug can be fully glitter but sometimes a saying is written in glitter.

14. Lipstick- Glitter lips look SO good in person.

15. Tights- These are so cute and can make any outfit look amazing.

16. Stuffed Animals- This may sound crazy but they look really cute!

17. Bracelets- Glitter bracelets are the best! You can get really casual ones too.

18. Wallpaper- A glitter room? Yes, please!

19. Balloons- This is perfect for every celebration! There are clear balloons with glitter inside and pure glitter balloons.

20. Tape- Glitter tape is so useful!

A lot of people aren’t open to glitter because of the mess but there real are a lot of glitter products that don’t spread glitter everywhere. If you want to make glitter products yourself there are also ways to use glitter without the glitter falling off.

Let me know what you want me to write about next!


Glitter Girl

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