20 Ways to Put Glitter on Everything Without Making a Mess

Some people hate glitter, some people love glitter. I love glitter! The reason a lot of people don’t like glitter is because it makes such a mess. I like to use glitter as much as I possibly can but I don’t want specks of glitter all over me. Today, I want to show you how to incorporate glitter in your life the right way.

1. Clothing- I love glittery clothing because it doesn’t get EVERYWHERE like glitter normally does!! And it adds a little sparkle to your life.

2. Phone Cases- My phone case is glittery and I love it. It doesn’t make a mess at all.

3. Nails- I don’t know about you but for me glitter nails are goals! They look amazing and there are so many different types of glitter nails you can choose from.

4. Binders- We all need school supplies, why not make it pretty?

5. Picture Frames- These are gorgeous but just warning you, it may distract from the photo you are framing!

6. Eyeshadow- Glitter eyeshadow is my favorite type of make-up! It makes your eyes pop and gives you an extra sparkle!

7. Shoes- If you see me in public there’s a 99% chance I’ll be wearing glitter shoes.

8. Pillows- Glitter pillows exist and they are awesome! They are actually comfortable too!

9. Pens- We all need to write, why not write with glitter!

10. Hair Extensions- If you are in to wigs, hair extensions and coloring your hair then glitter hair extensions are for you!

11. Body Glitter- I have this and it’s doesn’t get everywhere. You can us