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4 Creative Ways to Enjoy Valentine's Day If You're Single

Valentine's day can make singles wishing they had somone in their life sad. But fear no more! Today I'm letting you know 4 creative ways to enjoy Valentine's Day using the lyrics of Valentine!!

  1. Give your self a hair and outfit makeover!

"Your hair is a constant mess and would it kill you to notice how well I dress."

2. Clean (you get your best cleaning done when you're angry or sad)

"It's kind of scary, the junk you keep in your car"

3. Have a party and hang out with others who aren't spending their Valentine's Day with a significant other

"Marti Gras and Summer Break combined"

4. Celebrate LOVE!! In all shapes and forms because love is love! It could when be your love for you hair straighten!

"Every Single Day's Another Valentine"

Oh and bonus!!! You can listen to my new Valentine's Day song, "VALENTINE!!"

Wishing you a special and lovely Valentine's Day

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