Q & A

I get so many questions from you all of the time, so I thought today I’d try to answer the most frequently asked questions! Thank you so much for being so interactive!

Q: Who’s your biggest musical influence?

A: I have a lot of influences because all of the female artists are great! My main influence is probably Madonna.

Q: Any singing tips? Like I have a good voice but idk where to get the confidence to show it.

A: Keep singing everyday to get better and better, and when you’re ready, take a leap of faith and put yourself out there. I’d rather fail and try then, be too scared to try and always wonder “What if I put myself out there?”

Q: What are your favorite books?

A: “Getting a Grip” by Monica Seles and “Brunette Ambition” by Lea Michele!

Q: When are you going to perform internationally?

A: I don’t know, but hopefully really soon!!!

Q: Is it true that you are using music as a tool for you to recover from your past experiences?

A: I guess so, music is amazing for healing and coping with struggles!

Q: When did you start sing?

A: I’ve been singing my whole life!

Q: Do you love your blog?

A: Yes! It’s a really fun way to connect with you and start a community!

Q: I love your voice!!! Do you have a Youtube channel???

A: Thank you! And yes! My youtube channel is Carolines_music, the link is

Q: What's your fav food?

A: This is kinda weird, but I love protein bars because they are easy on the go!

Q: Why did you decide to do music?

A: It felt like a good profession because I’ve been doing it forever!

Q: What gets u up in the morning?

A: Singing and dancing!

Q: Do you speak Spanish?

A: No, I only know a couple of words and phrases.