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A Quick Update!

Hey BFF!!

It's been a while since my last diary entry, hoping you're doing well, staying safe and healthy!! It's been a crazy couple weeks and think we can all agree that we need some music to help us escape! The "Already There" dance challenge on Tik Tok has officially started an let me just say that your dancing skills are amazing!!!! There have been so many amazing dances to "Already There" it's honestly overwhelming that you so much!! I love duetting your dances too!! If you made a dance and want me to duet it please dm it to me or tag me so I can!

I really appreciate your support to this song!! The DMs I get saying "I love this song," "I listen to it on repeat" mean so much so thank you!! The purpose of the song was to be able to brighten your day, make you smile and feel confident! Thank you so much for even taking the time out of your day to listen to this song! You're so amazing and I love you so much!! You're seriously the best BFF ever!!

Also, I'm currently having a "Be a Mermaid" challenge! If you've ever dressed up as a mermaid or have a mermaid outfit please send a picture to be feature in an "Already There" music video! Can't wait to see them!

Once again, thank you for being me BFF, you're so special to me and I really feel like I can be myself with you and I hope you feel the same!! Praying that you're feeling 100% healthy and happy!



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