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Acrylics vs. Gels vs. Natural

Today I wanted to talk about nails! There are so many different ways to get your nails done and I’ll be going through the pros and cons of all options.


  • Look amazing

  • The actual nail polish doesn’t chip as easily

  • Can customize the length

  • Can customize the shape of the nail


  • Takes longer

  • Can’t do it at home

  • Have to get them done every two weeks

  • Fall off (in my case because of piano, tennis and dance)

  • More expensive

  • Can weaken your natural nails (If you don’t have a good tech)


  • Last longer

  • Dry faster

  • Glossier


  • Can weaken your natural nails (if you don’t have a good tech)

  • More expensive

  • Don’t look as good as acrylics

  • Have to soak your nails in acetone for 10 minutes to get them removed

  • Have to go to the salon to get them removed (You can DIY Gel Manicure kits if you are good at doing your nails)

Natural: Pros

  • Can easily do it yourself (I do all the time)

  • Cheaper

  • Simple (AKA doesn’t take as long)

Natural: Cons

  • If you have short nails or hands it probably won’t look as good as acrylics

  • Chip REALLY easily

At the end of the day, you should get which type of manicure is right for you! Or no manicure at all if having your nails painted isn’t important to you. Thank you so much for reading! And let me know what type of manicure is your personal favorite.

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