Already There Diary 2 | Letter to You

Dear BFF,

Hey! Hope you're doing well!! I just wanted to say hi and thank you for the support of "Already There!" The love I've received has been so surprising and appreciated! Thank you so much!! I'm so glad that this song makes you feel happy, positive, and uplifted! Thank you so much for listening!! It means so much to me! I really hope you're enjoying the release festivities from the video series, daily live streams, interviews, Tik Toks etc. So much more to come!! The only reason my vision of this song has come alive from the mermaids to the Valentine's Day theme is because of you so THANK YOU!!!! Thank you so much for the support! I love you sooo much!! BTW, I'm trying to catch up on DMs so if you've sent in a photo for the "Already There" video or a message you really want me to see and I haven't responded please resend. I'm sorry because I know that's so annoying but I really want to respond to every single message!! Thank you for the love!! You're amazing!!!! Never forget that you're amazing!!! Happy Valentine's Day week, I can't wait to celebrate with you!! I'll be posting Valentine's Day themed stuff and I'm going live for an hour (maybe two) on the night of Valentine's Day!! I can't wait! It seemed fitting because we've celebrated Christmas and New Year's Eve on Insta Live! Thank you for making me feel comfortable on live because I used to be scared to do it, haha!! BTW, the Already There issue of CAROLINE Magazine is coming out this Thursday and there's a super fun announcement on page 6 about a project that I'm doing related to "Already There" that I'm so excited for, it's coming this March!! You're seriously the best, I love having you in my life and thank you for joining my journey!!



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