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Behind the Song: I Know Better

Hey BFF!

Hope you’re enjoying a relaxing Sunday! Seeing as it’s the last Sunday of this decade EVER!!!! I thought I’d share some “Sunday Secrets” and take you behind the song of “I Know Better.”

I first came up with the idea of naming a song “I Know Better” and the concept of the song in the summer of 2017. The concept is being in a very toxic relationship with someone who doesn’t treat you well and feeling like you’re going down the wrong path but before you’re in too deep remembering you deserve better and aren’t going to fall for the abusers lies and tricks. It was based off of personal experience because I’d been in a very similar situation.

The song didn’t end up being fully written and produced until May 2019. Finishing this song was so excited because it’d been a idea I was passionate about but on the back burner for almost two years. It was one of the first songs that was produced and had that up-tempo dance sound that I had been looking for!

I knew I wanted to release “I Know Better” as my first fully mixed release available on all streaming services (not just Soundcloud) because the song felt like me. Even listening to the lyrics I can tell by some of the phrases that I wrote it which is very special! I wanted to start my career off on a positive note as well but a sassy one too! There’s nothing better than positive sass, haha!

Releasing “I Know Better” has definitely been the highlight of 2019 for me (maybe even the decade to be honest) and your support on this song is unreal!! I appreciate all the love, streams, and kind DMs sooo much!! None of them go unnoticed!!!

Thank you for joining this journey with me! I can’t wait for you to see what 2020 holds!!



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