Hi BFF!!

Welcome to CAROLINE's BFFs, I always do my diaries but today I wanted to do something special for you because I really love you and appreciate you being here.

First, a little bit more about me.

So I've been singing forever! More importantly I love songwriting because it's the best way to process what's going on. There's nothing better than writing a song, creating a story and putting it out in the world in a creative way. I love the thought of having really exciting, fun pop songs with a real message. It could be something personal, or something to spread awareness. Right now as it's almost May, I really want people to start thinking about mental health. as May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Making and finding music has really helped my mental health and finding things that you're passionate about will help yours as well! I'm so passionate about getting the stigma off of mental health because most people struggling with mental health care what other people think so it's really hard to ask for help when everyone is discouraging and putting down mental illnesses. I also believe mental health is the root to almost every single one of our problems. It will be hard but I know that together we can fix this mental health crisis. That's why I'm so excited about my new song. I want to warn you that the first time you hear it you probably won't think it has anything to do with mental health but it does have undertones. Everything is mental health and everyone has mental health.

Secondly, Here's an exciting update about merch!

New merch is dropping on May 13th!

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