Happy Saturday BFF!! Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend. Since the last time we talked a couple of things have happened. I announced a giveaway for my CAROLINE 2020 Planner, all you have to do to enter is share my song “I Know Better” on your story.

New Year’s Eve was a big day! It was so fun because I went live at midnight and got to celebrate with you. I announced that “CAROLINE Magazine” is coming out this January!!!!! I’m SO excited!! It’s coming out on January 15th. The magazine is all about pop music & fashion. I was able to interview some awesome people and I can’t wait for you to read the magazine. It’s going to come out in a digital and print version so you can decide which version you prefer. If you want to see some sneak peeks of the magazine check out @caroline.magazine on Instagram. There's going to be a major announcement at the end of the magazine that I'm seriously SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for! I can’t wait to talk more about it when it comes out!

Oh, I also did a 2019 recap video!

I did an “I Know Better” video for my book “CAROLINE’S Life Lessons” too. Yesterday, I also announced that I’m going to do duets with you on Tik Tok so if you want to duet with me, let me know.

A lot of people asked about the influence of the sound of “I Know Better” so I wanted to talk about that a little bit! I LOVE pop music, I’m such a pop music fan I love almost anything top 40. I also love electro pop, EDM, and disco. For this being my first official completed song that I was putting out, I wanted it to be a combination of all my loves of Pop, EDM, and disco! Let’s bring disco back, this is random but I love disco balls, the bright colors and energy of disco. Thank you so much for caring and asking about “I Know Better” it seriously warms my heart!! I hope it inspires you to know your worth and keep being fabulous!

Love you!!!


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