Dreaming of Magazines!!

Hey BFF!!

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend and getting back in the swing of things after the holiday break!! A lot has happened since my last diary entry on Monday, I posted two "I Know Better" music videos which was so fun! I did a meme video and a video for you!! Today, I also announced that I'm on the cover of All Eyes Magazine which is so cool!

When it comes to CAROLINE Magazine news, I announced some special things! If you don't know what "CAROLINE Magazine" is, it's my new magazine that I'm starting all about pop music, fashion and life as a teen. My favorite part about the magazine is interviewing other people because it's so interesting to hear about other peoples stories and how these influential people got to where they are today. I revealed three of the interviewees on Wednesday and they are:

1. Renee Graziano - Reality TV Star and Author

2. Ashley Nell Tipton - Fashion Designer and winner of Season 14 of Project Runway

3. Stefan Petrov - Male Model and Actor

There tons of other amazing people that I'm interviewing including you!! The first issue which is fitting themed as the introduction issue will be available on Jan 15th (this Wednesday) on, Apple Books, and my website

I'm so excited about this venture because you are going to get to learn a lot more about me and my musical journey/taste and learn about a lot of impressive people on in a very laid back way through their conversations with me.

I hope you love CAROLINE Magazine! When it comes out please let me know what you think and I'd love to hear your honest feedback and look out for the major announcement at the end of the magazine.

Thank you so much for being my BFF!!


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