Dreaming on Wednesday


Hope you’re having a great Wednesday! If you aren’t, you’re in my prayers. I’ve been toying with the idea starting a depression support group. Let me know what you think of this idea and if it’d be helpful for you! It’d be full of positive energy because you are who you surround yourself with! Everyone needs a friend who is positive and encouraging, my dream is to be able to be that for you! In general, I love hearing your thoughts, and ideas so please let me know what you want to see my do!

Thank you so much for the support on “Already There” I’m so thrilled that you’re enjoying this song!! I know that when I hear this song something about it makes me really happy and it warms my heart that you feel the same!

I hope you’re enjoy my “Already There” mermaid beachy vibes, it’s been such a fun theme! Speaking of beachy vibes, I now have an Instagram filter!! I’m so excited about it and hope you enjoy it! It’s Beachy Vibez by Carolines_music

It has a pink/purple beach theme with pink seashells! I love seeing you use it, all the photos you’ve sent me using it are so AWESOME!!!!!

Thank you for supporting me, I love being your BFF!!!



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