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Happy Sunday!!

This week is such an exciting week!! I have a huge announcement on Wednesday and so much fun stuff to come! It’s been SOO hard not telling you! I’ll be going live this week and I can’t wait! If you miss the live, don’t worry I’ll save it and put it on CAROLINE’s BFFS.

In other news, this Thursday Oct 10 is World Mental Health Day! I’m so passionate about mental health awareness because mental health is the root of so many issues in the world! If you are struggle with mental health attached is a list of phone numbers for different circumstances. If you aren’t struggling, please be kind to everyone! A side affect of depression is loneliness, so please reach out to someone you normally wouldn’t talk to! If you’re at school and somebody is sitting alone at lunch, join them or invite them to sit at your table! Random acts of kindness sounds cheesy but it really can save lives because everyone just wants to feel loved!

If you have any stories about a time that you were kind to someone and it made a difference or someone was kind to you and it made your day; please let me know and I’d love to share your story on World Mental Health Day!!

Thanks for reading!!

Love you so much,


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