It's holiday season which means gift giving!!! Hope this guide can help you!!

Gifts for Secret Santa

Glitter Hair Ties

This is a great Secret Santa gift idea, I used it last year and it worked really well!

PINK Santa Hat

Seeing as Secret Santa gift exchanges are usually before Christmas this is a great option.

Plush Moving Ears Headband

This is so fun and unexpected for Secret Santa!

Glitter Socks

Everyone needs socks! Why not make them glitter?!!


Bags are sooo useful!!

Pink GLITTER iPhone Case

Gold GLITTER iPhone Case

This is awesome options if the person you pick for Secret Santa just get a new phone!!

Hot Pink GLITTER Shoelaces

Gold GLITTER Shoelaces

These are great because they are unexpected and inexpensive.

CAROLINE Stickers - Set of 6

Stickers are great because you can use them so many different ways!

Bright Pink Cool Shades with FLASHING Lights

These are sooo fun and great for a Secret Santa party!

Gifts for Besties

We all love our besties,here are some matching BFF Gifts

Glitter Hair Ties

This is perfect if you like pink and your BFF loves gold or the other way around

Plush Moving Ears Headband

These come in all pink and white and pink, it's a perfect way to be twins with your best friend!

Glitter Socks