How to Get Ready for Already There!!

OMG!!! Can you believe that "Already There" is almost here?!?!

I seriously can't wait! This is a song that people go crazy over when I play it for them! Thank you sooooo much for pre-saving this song! I'm so shocked by how many of you pre-saved the song! Seriously, thank you, you are an angel!

To be prepared for the song coming out here's the pre-save link that will turn into a landing page where you can actually listen to the song on Spotify and other streaming services at midnight!

If you don't have Spotify or another music streaming service here's the Youtube premiere link!

I'll give you the Tik Tok, Instagram, Soundcloud etc. link once the song comes out!

I'm doing a weekly check-in tomorrow to really go in-depth about this song and give you ALL the tea. If you've watched/listened to my previous weekly check-ins you know that this song is the sequel to "I Know Better." "I Know Better" is about getting out of a toxic relationship and "Already There" is about what happens after the toxic relationship. They're two options you can stay bitter and scorned or believe in love again and live freely. I'm so excited for you to listen and find out what path I decided to take!

Love you SOOO much!!! Thank for your support and being my BFF!


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