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Karaoke and Lyric video for "I Know Better"

Hey!! Happy Saturday! I hope you are having a great weekend! I had a really fun and busy week! Hope you did too! I'd love to hear about your week! This week was so fun because the "I Know Better" karaoke and lyric video came out!! I wanted to go into a little bit more detail about how and why these videos were made!

The karaoke video: I love a good karaoke video, it's so fun! And it doesn't matter if you're a trained singer or tone deaf, it's still awesome! A lot of people have been doing AMAZING covers of "I Know Better" and asked for instrumentals. So I thought doing a karaoke video would be useful! I also did the video myself because I wanted it to have the feel/vibe that "I Know Better" has through the colors/background and fonts! For the background I used products from the "I Know Better" collection and my clothes zoomed in which actually worked very well! I'd love to see if you can guess which products are being used! You can watch the video below and if you think you know the product that is being used, DM me and I'll give you a little surprise if you get it right!

The lyric video: I love this video so much because YOU are my co-stars!!! And you are sooo good in it!! Thank you so much for being in the video and if you weren't in the video don't worry there will be lots of opportunities in the near future to be in videos, posts etc. I'm a lyric girl, so my lyrics are really important to me as a songwriter. I wanted to write out the lyrics in this fun video to give you a minute to know the lyrics and understand the story. Filming this video was the best! I got to do so many fun poses!!!! I hope this video is filled with positive, empowering energy and makes you smile!

If you are a producer, you still have time to make a remix of "I Know Better," these remixes have a really good chance of being released (with permission of course). I can't wait to hear what you do!!!

Have a fantastic weekend! I love you so much!! Always feel free to give me any suggestions!

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