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Launching "The Caroline Collection"

My brand new global lifestyle brand called "The Caroline Collection" is finally out! It is my passion project, and I wanted to share the inspiration behind the brand with you today!

I always thought that glitter socks were really cool and I wanted some, but I couldn't find them anywhere. So, I decided to make them myself. Then, I kept thinking of so many other things that I wanted to create, and "The Caroline Collection" was born.

The products I'm currently selling are:

• glitter socks in hot pink, white, and black

• glitter hair ties in pink and gold

• diamond-top pens in pink, teal, and gold

• black laminated tote bag

I wanted to make sure that every product inspires you to be confident and feel like a star!! The glitter socks and glitter hair ties make me feel like I'm shimmering! The diamond-top pens make working SOOO much more fun, and the sleek black tote bags are reusable and help save the environment!!

I use all of these products all of the time! If you see me on the street, I'll definitely be wearing something from "The Caroline Collection." And there are a lot more exciting products coming soon!

Thank you for your purchases and support of "The Caroline Collection." Please follow us @the.caroline.collection and let me me know of any product ideas that you would like to see in "The Caroline Collection."

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