Hey!! Happy Monday! Hope this is the beginning of a great week for you! Happy Veteran's Day to everyone who lives in the US! So thankful for all veterans and those who are currently deployed.

I had a busy week last week but an even busier week this week! It’s going to be so fun though, I have some great surprises coming up which I’m so excited for!! Thank you for being so supportive of me, my singing and my new song “I Know Better.” You are the only reason I’m even able to do the fun stuff I have coming up and I hope you enjoy it!!

Last week, I put out my own Spotify playlist “CAROLINE and her BFF’s Picks” it’s because you helped me pick out the songs which I really appreciate so thank you! You can listen to it here:

I also announced edit contest so if you make edits, please make an edit of the “I Know Better” cover art or a video edit using the song “I Know Better.” I also got to perform live and it was so fun! I posted two songs I sang, let me know if you want to see more. I also, announced today that @britney.stronger won the “I Know Better” collection! Congrats!!!

Love you so much!!! I’d love to hear how your Monday has been and let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions for me!!

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