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I wanted to give you an update on my music!! Thank you for your support by the way! First of all, my last single as CAROLINE was "Have My Cake and Eat It Too," this was a very special song to me and probably my favorite I've written.

I've also started experimenting into Christian Music, Christianity is a big part of my life and singing worship songs gives my such peace and joy! I've started a new artist/band for my Christian music which is "REBORN" and now on Spotify.

When it came to my album "FRESHMAN" I also had a lot of old demos, covers and original versions of songs that haven't been released but I still love dearly so I've posted them on Soundcloud and will slowly but surely be dropping on YouTube so you have a chance to listen!!

I have a lot more of exciting stuff coming out but this is all I will be sharing for now...

Have an awesome and hopefully music filled summer,


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