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My Already There Diary

Hey BFF!

It's been about a week since I put out my brand new song "Already There" and a lot has happened!!

Well, I became a mermaid and it was awesome!! Seriously I wish I could be a mermaid full time, haha!! I had to seeing as Already There is my mermaid themed love song!

My song also became a sound on Tik Tok which has been so amazing! The videos are so entertaining and so good!! I love the Valentine's Day theme!

I also started daily streaming parties on Instagram live which have been SO much fun!!! I love them!

For the second "Already There" lyric video I'm currently taking photos of you with something blank next to you aka a blank wall, piece of paper, binder etc. Please DM your photos to me!

Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday so I made an "Already There" Super Bowl video!

On Monday, I made an "Already There Fashion show/runway video which might be my favorite! It was so much fun to make!

I also made a Valentine's Day playlist on Spotify with love songs from my favorite female artists including "Already There!"

I played The Mint this week as well for Hunnypot Live! and it was a great set!!

I put out the Lyric video for Already There which I loved making, especially the dancing gifs for the Instrumental part!

It was National Singing Day this week which was perfect timing for the release so I put out an Acapella version of the song which I hope you enjoyed.

I released a new collection this week called "The 'Already There' Collection" which I'm very passionate about it includes my signature glitter headbands and a sequin flip heart pillow that's a great Valentine's Day gift!

You can shop the collection here

I also put out a visual for the collection

This week I also started a couple contests:

A drawing contest

An Already There Artwork Contest (The Winner wins a free handband!)

I also made a Valentine's Gift Guide for The Caroline Collection!

I made an Iconic Pop Culture edit Already There video which I love so much! It's old Hollywood inspired!

A very kind person made me an Already There video which I loved so much I had to put it on Youtube!

I also made a BTS/BTS video which might be my favorite! It's half BTS the boy band and half behind the scenes of me recording songs,writing, photoshoots, and performing!

It's been an AMAZING release week!! First of all I want to thank you for streaming, supporting and sharing the track! I can't believe how positive the reaction has been, it's mindblowing, thank you!! Thank you so much for making Tik Toks to the song! I love seeing you interact, lip sync, and dance to the song!

A huge thank you to the 45 radio stations that have added "Already There" to their station in it's first week and thank you to the many amazing press outlets that have covered this release. I did a bunch of magazine, blog and podcast interviews this week as well that I can't wait for you to see!

Thank you for the support on this song in just it's first week! So much more to come!

Thank you,


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