So excited to share my May announcement for Mental Health Awareness month on my livestream this morning! I’m starting a radio show on Spotify for mental health awareness about the power of music, how it can bring together and help our outlooks on life! I will always be giving mental health resources education and much more! Check out the full announcement and concert here:

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HEY!!! I wanted to give you an update on my music!! Thank you for your support by the way! First of all, my last single as CAROLINE was "Have My Cake and Eat It Too," this was a very special song to m

Hey, Hope you're doing well!! It's been a while so I wnated to give you an update! First, MUSIC My cover of Jesus, Take the Wheel is coming out this Thursdat night! It was really fun to make and I'm e

Let me tell you about my fabulous plans for Valentine's Day…JK. Haha! But I’m very excited for Valentine's Day anyway and have a feeling it’s going to be a fun day. I hope you look forward to tomorrow