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Hey BFF!

In honor of 2022, I just released my debut album “FRESHMAN,” it’s a story of coming of age and figuring out who you are through toxic situations and hardships. The album is overall a pop with Electro pop, DancePop, Meaningful Pop influences. It’s a diary you get to dance to with themes of toxic relationships, depression, frustration, wide-eye hope at beginning and end.

It tells a story through the stages of each season's Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.

My Type - Having a middle school high school crush that you’re day dreaming about.

Already There - Putting together the strength to tell the person of your dreams how you feel.

On & Off - Getting the relationship of your dreams but it turns into an unhealthy relationship but you don’t know any better.

We Should Break UP - Knowing that you’re not happy and you’re partner doesn’t support you and knowing you need to call it off.

Simple - Going back to an unhealthy relationship even when you don’t want to but feel guilty.

Special! - Having someone put you down and not understand or empathize with your struggles.

Healthy - Knowing that your relationship will never be healthy and calling it off for good because it’s the only way you could possible be free and happy.

Do You Think That I’m a Fool? - Moving on from a past toxic relationship.

Trust a Boy - A toxic past relationship lingering into your current and future relationships.

Why Can’t You Be Mine? - Wanting a goal that you can’t seem to achieve no matter how hard you work.

Against US - fantasizing about what could of been but knowing the relationship relisticilly could have never worked out but not due to the feelings you have for each other but locations.

Pretend - Realizing that the person you put on a pedestal was using you and never actually cared.

Why Even Try… - dealing with someone in the position of power putting you down and you trying to prove yourself but then seeing that they’ve already formed their opinion of you and there is nothing you can do to please them.

I Know Better - Trusting yourself from past experiences to not fall in the same trap of disappointments, distraction and thinking you can change someone.

Favorite Person in the World - Realizing that the people who stick by you in hard times are who really matter and telling them how important they are to you.

I’m Here for You - making sure that those you have stuck by your side know that you are there for them as well and will do anything for them in times of trouble.

Smiling - Being stuck in a cycle of depression and self-doubt that you don;t know how to get yourself out of and instead pretend like you’re okay when you’re not.

Hope - Learning to treat yourself with the patience, understanding and encouragement as you would a child who has their whole life in front you. Remembering there’s no time too late to rediscover yourself and your passion. Living with a sense of optimism and childlike hope no matter what struggles you are going through or what’s happening in the world.

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