My Favorite Tours of All-Time

If you know me you know that I LOVE tours! I personally love tours that have special effects, choreography, amazing light shows etc. Here are some of my favorite tours!

Britney Spears:Live in Concert/Piece of Me

I love almost everything about this show! The Intro is really cool, there is a ton of smoke and suddenly Britney’s there! The stage set-up is very unique! It’s also physically intense, Britney is constantly running up and down stairs, and dancing! Highlights include Britney as a flying Angel and jumping from a tree!

Speak Now World Tour- Taylor Swift

Something really special about this tour is the storytelling element! There is even a wedding on-stage!! The live performance of “Haunted” is also incredible! Taylor flies during the show, and I have a soft spot for flying during shows!! She also strips it down sitting on a couch and playing “Ours” acoustically.

Blonde Ambition- Madonna

Everything about this tour is iconic, from the hair to the costumes to the choreography to the songs. Madonna is one of the greatest entertainers of all-time! How could her show not be amazing?!?

Born This Way Ball- Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is an amazing performer! Born This Way Ball is a perfect example of her many talents! She sings live, dances and plays multiple instruments! One of my favorite things about this tour is the stage, there is a huge castle on the stage! For some of the performance she is actually in the four story castle! It’s so cool!

Thanks for reading about my all-time favorite tours! What are some of your favorite tours?

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