Recap of the Last Week in October!

Hey! Happy Saturday! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! A lot of stuff happened this week! For a recap, I released the third installment of the “I Know Better” video series which was inspired by the “I Know Better” Collection by The Caroline Collection which you can watch on Youtube! I can’t believe it’s at 188k views and it hasn’t even been a week! Thank you so much for supporting the song and video and being the best and kindest people ever!! I want to thank you because I’m so grateful for you, so please let me know what you want to see! For example what you want me to post, type of “I Know Better” videos, weekly check-in topics, diary topics, performances, musical styles, and how I can connect with you! Thanks for being my BFFs!!

This week I also had a great radio interview on the DJ Cisco Show! I also have a lot more interviews coming up in the next few weeks so stay tuned! I also announced that the “I Know Better” section is now on my website so you can stream the song easily and pick your preferred streaming platform.

The next video that will be apart of my “I Know Better” video series is the lyric video and you still have time to be in it!! Please DM me a photo of yourself holding a blank piece of paper to be in the lyric video! It’s going to be so good, I can’t wait!!

I’ll also be performing at Genghis Cohen in Los Angeles on Friday and it's going to be a very fun and intimate performance! I’d love to see you there!!

That was a recap of this week but there will be a lot of fun announcements next week!!! I’m so excited to share them with you!! Thank you for being amazing, I love you so much!! And I’d love to hear how your week was!

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