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Thank you so much for the BEST. RELEASE. DAY. AND. PARTY. EVER. I hope if you’ve ever been through abuse or mistrust/ being lied to that it helps you understand that you aren’t alone, to take the time to trying heal from the wound and understand that for even wanting to keep going and fighting for love and life you are a warrior and fighter! I’ve been there with you! It’s hard but I know that every experience in life even the really bad ones are happening for a reason and. CAN be turned into strengths! We get to choose what we let that experience do to us and personally I choose to believe that God will use that experience to help my help other and glorify him (hopefully), make my heart more empathetic! The process of learning how to trust anything again is really hard but one day you’ll be ready! Take your time though! I always hope this song makes you smile, dance and laugh with your friends but YOU deserve so much JOY in your life and you have a beautiful purpose. Thank you so much for listening to this new song! I always put all of me into my songs and really appreciate your support!! 💗💗 BTW, part 2 of the music video is coming out tonight on my YouTube channel carolines_music and it’s REALLY funny 💗😂

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