Remix Competition!

Hey BFF!!!

Thank you so much for reading this!! It's been a crazy week and I hope you're enjoying every minute of it!!

I am starting a remix competition! I love remixes and I'd love to see you put your own artistic twist on "On & Off!" If you need an MP3 please dm me @carolines_music and send your final remix to @carolines_music or

I can't wait to see what you do and remember they're NO boundaries, you can do whatever you want! The winner's remix will be posted on all of my social media channels!

Today is a special day because the On & Off Collection came out! I'm so excited about it because I want to try and provide with as much uplifting entertainment as possible during this tragic time! That's why they collection isn't normal accessories but instead activity including A COLORING BOOK!! And it's an On & Off Coloring book! The collection also includes glitter gel pens that are perfect for the coloring book and a baseball cap because On & Off is sports theme!

For more infomation check this out:

Thank you so much for supporting "On & Off!" I'm sooo happy you like the song!! Thank you for listening, I can't wait to give you even more music!!!! It's going to be a really fun journey, thank you for joining me on this ride! More than that, thank you for 75K streams in a week!!!!! That's so exciting!! I love you so much you're the best BFFs ever!!

Cheers to more music and livestreams together soon!!



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