Saturday Secrets

Hey, I hope you are having a great Saturday and holiday weekend! I'd love to hear how you're spending your holiday! I have some secrets that will revealed soon! I really hope you love and enjoy the heartfelt surprises coming your way! Let me know what you want to see because I love your suggestions!! Always remember to not compare yourself to your friends or celebrities on Social Media. Most people are fabricating big and exciting lives that aren't real or they aren't showing the stressful/bad moments! Whatever you are doing this holiday weekend IS good enough because you are good enough!! It's okay if you aren't doing anything, sometimes not doing anything and having a break can be just what you need!

I also have some bad news that I've been thinking about, the teen/young adult suicide rate is at a high right now. I wonder why this is, what do you think? Do you think it's social media, the current climate or just too much pressure? If you are struggling please remember that you are worthy of living and loved!! Suicide is never the answer, it's a permanent act to a temporary problem/feeling!! You will be okay! Please remember to put things into perspective when you're in a low place.

Stay strong! I love you so much!!

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