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This Thursday, I released my annual Valentine’s Day song “Valentine” on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube etc. This song has a very interesting story that you might not expect so I thought I share some insight about with you. I’ll be sharing 15 facts with you because it’s 15 DAYS UNTIL VALENTINE’S DAY!!

  1. I recorded “Valentine” when I was 14.

Yes, a recorded this song a very long time ago.

2. “Valentine” is the 2nd song I’ve every recorded.

I recorded “Valentine” during the same session as “I Want Happy.” I decided to record “I Want Happy” first because it’s a more challenging song. I was already warmed up and I didn’t want to record “Valentine” first and get my voice tired because I Want Happy has multiple D5’s.

3. I originally released the demo on Soundcloud for Valentine in 2019.

It’s a revisited old song. Although, it’s not the style of the more mature sound I’m going for in my new music. This is a fun song for Valentine’s day and we all need that right now.

4. I dressed the part when I recorded the song.

This may seem like a trivial fact but I really did dress for Valentine’s Day in a pink sweatshirt dress with a white bomber jacket.

5. There were pink led lights in the vocal booth.

I posted a photo in the vocal booth and captioned it #nofilter. Everyone thought I was either trying to be funny or I was lying but I was telling truth. It was the cool, special led lights. The engineer asked me what color I wanted and of course I said pink!

6. My favorite lyric is “We fit together as if we were long lost friends kept we’re the kind with fireworks.”

7. This song only took 30 minutes to record.

8. I recorded this song in Burbank, CA.

9. I practice this song (and “I Want Happy”) for two weeks before I went into the studio.

10. I had to change the lyrics because they were originally too inappropriate…

11. Valentine’s day has always been one of my favorite holidays

12. I was totally single when I recorded this song haha!

13. This was the first studio I’d ever been to.

14. They’re background singers in this song!!!

(Which I think is really cool)

I hope you enjoy Valentine!

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