Thursday Update/Letter to Those Who Are Struggling with Depression

Hey!!!! Happy Thursday! I hope you are having a great week! Tomorrow is going to be a really fun day because I’m taking over YOUNG ENTERTAINMENT (youngentmag) to give you a behind the scenes look of a top secret photoshoot and special release for The CAROLINE Collection!! Lots of fun stuff coming this month!!! You can also shop the brand new Unisex collection now!

Today, I wanted to focus on depression because I know so many of you deal with suicidal thoughts, panic attacks etc. I wanted to give you a reminder that you are sooooo worth of living!! You are just as worthy of living a happy and great life as anybody else is, you are amazing!! I understand that life is tough and sometimes situations are impossible to control! Please stay strong, I love you so much!! I really want to help you so please let me know the best way I can!! Whether it’s through positive words, actions, specific songs or content etc., never hesitate to reach out especially if you are struggling! I love talking to you and I’d love to be you friend and support you!! When I’m feeling down you help me and I want to help you!! We are coming in to the holiday season and although they are suppose to be great, they can be a very difficult and lonely time, please know that I am here for you!!!

I hope that my songs, Instagram posts, diaries etc. can be positive, uplifting and hopefully make you forget about your worries so please let me know what you want to see!! There will be lots of fun stuff coming up that can hopefully make you smile, lots of videos in the “i Know Better” series are coming up!!

I love you so much, please stay strong!!

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