TRUST A BOY IS OUT NOW! song AND music video for Trust a Boy is here!! At this link: you can choose the YouTube link that will take you to the video, the other links will take you to the song! This video is really funny as I went up on the street dressed as my Trust a Boy inspired character “Princess CAROLINE” and ask people they’re HONEST opinion about the song...let’s just say it gets INSANE! I can’t believe it’s out!

OH, and it’s TWO parts! Part two is coming night at midnight EST!

You also don’t want to miss tomorrow’s release party 9am where I will perform the song live for the first time, explaining why the song is princess themed, the behind the story of the music video, the story of how I wrote this song as a cry out to God to heal my heart, the songwriting process and the in-depth lyric-by-lyric!

Your opinion really matters to me because honestly I ONLY make music for you! I really want you to like it, relate, be inspired and ready for summer when your hear this song! It’s a bit more on the poppy side and I’d like to hear your honest opinion so I know what you like! If you don’t mind I’d to hear what you think about the production, lyrics, vocals etc. so I can keep make my music better and better for you!

Thank you so much for reading this and hopefully considering listening I really appreciate it! Link in bio

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