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I'm so excited that my brand new song "We Should Break-Up" is out everywhere! I LOVE this song so much and I really hope it inspires you! It'd mean the world too me if you listen and I hope you LOVE it!

So now that you listened...I've been doing a lot of hints and I want to explain what they mean!

On May 11th, I said "More music is coming soon to give you more context into what On & Off is about and coming from! Get ready for part two and a heartbreak era." I was referring to WSBU! The lyrics tell a story "On & Off" was confused and didn't know what to do and "WSBU" makes the decision.

In my announcement, there was a green screen and galaxy. This was to represent that this era will be completely different and that the song has a dreamy vibe.

I then posted a black and white photo captioned "We Should Break-Up" this was made to represent that this song is a bit more serious then my previous works.

I then posted a photo with the caption "Did the two hour talk we had make it better?" well... those are the lyrics!

I hope you love the song, so many more fun things coming!

Stay Safe!

Happy Winter!



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